Don’t Run the Weakling Program

I talk a lot about programs. Pretty much to anyone who can/will receive my thoughts on it.

Programs are the information that is downloaded into us throughout our lives. It’s said from birth (but I would say pre-birth, because it’s known that we are able to receive information before we are born) until about the age of 6 that we are in a state of hypnosis. This is based on brainwave states- in infants from birth to 24 months, Delta is the predominant brainwave and it switches to Theta from 2- 6 years of age, which is a deeply hypnotic state. These programs are necessary. They are our operating system. We learn how to be in our environment based on the information we receive from that environment. The people around us are the programmers and they help us to successfully integrate into our little society/family unit.

So programs are necessary, but are they good?

Well, yeah. But also, no. I mean, the program to look both ways before crossing the street is a good program and one that we never outgrow the need for. But the program for cleaning our plates may very well end up being a bad program if we carry it into adulthood and pack on the pounds because of it. So as we get older, we really need to examine our programs to see which ones serve us and which ones do not. This also applies to our beliefs, like the limiting beliefs or outdated beliefs we all seem to have as well. A limiting belief is something that you believe about yourself that keeps you from doing big, scary, great things. An outdated belief is like when we believed in Santa. And speaking of Santa, why on earth would I give the credit for spending my hard-earned cash for bomb diggety gifts to some dude in a red velvet suit? Das nuts.

The thing with programs is that they don’t stop happening as you age.

The programs are still constantly vying for space in our psyches. Most notably for myself, I was running a program called “older people can’t keep muscle on”. One of my sweet clients expressed this one day, exasperated at how difficult she felt it was to stay in shape as she got older. She mentioned that she had a really hard time keeping her gains and had to work out almost every day to feel like she was staying fit. And because I didn’t know any better, I adopted her mental program. Even though I am a good ten years younger, I adopted the belief that her story might be my story, even though she has a completely different genetic blueprint than me. She is a slight, wispy, wonderful woman- nothing like good old muscley me (at least the me I used to be) but her words echoed in my head for. Several. Years. But I’ll be darned if I didn’t eventually rebel against that program and start lifting weights anyway.

Within just a few weeks, I found my body was changing.

I think my arm brushed up against my rear-end and I was like “damn…there’s muscle there!” This hunk of meat was hanging from- whose back-side? MY backside! Insert celebratory self high-five here! And what heartbreak to think that I might have allowed someone else’s physical limitations to determine my belief about my own body and physical experience in this life. And in this instance, it was just about my ability to build muscle. How many other beliefs or programs have I adopted (even unawares) to my detriment? How many have you?

Think on this: You may very well be limitless in some important area of your life.

You may also be limited as well- but the fact is, you will never know until you start on the journey of doing. Think about what people have said to you or told you about themselves (or even yourself) and see how it feels to believe something different. Feels good? Great! Feels scary? Maybe you need to keep believing it until you don’t feel scared anymore. Allow yourself this exploration. Focus on it. Devote some time to it regularly and see if you can’t unearth some spectacular you that’s been dying for you to discover him/her.

You are worth the work.

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

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