The Feels of the Moment

All the bullshit robs us of the beauty of actually being here. And we let the bullshit rob us.

We buy into the violence and absurdity that they call being, when simply being is neither violent nor absurd.

It’s a fucking fantasmic wonder, this traveling like a parasite on a spinning orb of magnificence and all we can do is fight for power or fight not to lose it.

And it is indeed unfortunate that we are forced to fight…

and it’s because we don’t believe there is enough.

And there isn’t enough because we don’t believe there is enough.

And the answer?

Remove yourself.

Remove yourself from the voices and the visuals and the vanity.

Obtain and maintain an inner distance, and find a way to keep yourself while the world burns itself down.

That is all.

(PS: Your VPN is showing.)

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