Little Deaths

Little Deaths happen all the time. Every day, as a matter of fact. Even when we go to bed at night, it’s the ending of something…of a world that the former day was. And every morning we rise. Every morning is a resurrection. A chance for newness.

So what of the Little Deaths? These deaths can be the “death” of a relationship…the “death” of a job…or even the “death” of a dream…really there is no end to the Little Deaths we can encounter (and conquer).

Death can be Opportunity. The death of a relationship clears the path for new and better relationships with better and way more badass, emotionally healthy people. The death of a job can clear the path for a new and better way of working and the death of one dream can bring the birth of a new (and more glorious) one.

But lets face it, death sucks. It’s something we all must endure both emotionally and figuratively. The daily death toll can feel insurmountable and if you don’t have the Chi to handle it all, you’re sunk. And that’s why: FAITH. In order to survive the destruction, you have to believe there is a purpose beyond it. And you might even have to believe there is a Purpose Maker who endorses you and the workings of your life as well. I mean, what’s the point of gaining the world and losing your soul, right? No matter how much adrenochrome you can get your hands on (GROSS) or how vampirish and eternal you think you may be, you gonna die one day. But will you be resurrected?

Who cares!?

Well, I do. Because resurrection beats the shit out of perpetual death any day. Living in death daily (depression, rage, aggression, grief, etc…) is a shitty-assed way to live. It’s called suffering and unless you are getting some secondary gain from it (like attention- if that’s what turns you on) it’s no way to exist.

So WTF. How do I get all resurrected you ask? You practice it. In this lifetime. You look for opportunities to be resurrected- to start over. You change your perspective and your narrative to allow for (and actually create) resurrection and newness. But IMHO, you gotta have this other thing going for you and that’s:

Karma. Good Karma.

I know, I’m being confusing, but really I’m not (yes I am). Karma is commonly interpreted to mean that you get what you give, and I believe there is truth to that. Even more so, I believe that you reap what you sow. If you are sowing death, destruction, hate and discord, you will reap such. Resurrection can’t flourish in these conditions. Living in the energy of low vibration cancels out the Chi that resurrection requires.

So fortunately, the gracious favor of resurrection is on my side because my entire being pretty much vibrates with hope and power and endless optimism (or wait- could that just be my daily coffee buzz?) I won’t allow anything less. And I won’t allow influences that don’t contribute to that energy anymore, either. Now I may have dip in this energy, but as with everything else, my energy is resurrected as well. It’s like a self perpetuating cycle of goodness that I intend to take part in forever.

And resurrection is a choice for the most part. I mean, sometimes you have to be totally obliterated before you can be resurrected, but that’s how it works, right? Total obliteration. Pieces. Smithereens. Hopeless and destroyed, laying on the floor in a wine induced stupor of despair. I’ve been there. And while I was there, there was also the faint whisper of victory that said “wait”. So yeah, sometimes there’s that window of waiting (that actually sucks quite a bit as well). I suppose you could call that the chrysalis (cocoon) stage, and it feels really stagnant and claustrophobic in there, but you gotta hang out there for a bit. And while you are there you just:


Somehow, you just believe. And you ask for the process to speed up a little, too. Because waiting sucks. Also, you do what prisoners do when they are doing time. You lift weights and get strong. Spiritually, physically or both. And one day, the fog starts to lift or the shell starts to crack and you can breathe again, you can hope again. Newness starts and rebirth is ready to happen.

And thank God. Because living in eternal death and destruction is, well…


And f*ck that.

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