Hey, Coronavirus…

Thanks for reminding us that we will all die one day.

Being reminded of this is always a good thing.  It means that we are reminded to live while we’re here, even if are told to curb our interactive activities while we try to hide from your invisible and semi-maybe-kind-of-deadly mist for a little while.

Frankly, we’ve had it good.  So good, that sometimes we forget. 

We forget to do things like eat right so we slowly poison ourselves with convenient and novel things we call “food”.  We forget to move our bodies.  It’s only when we become hermits for our health’s sake that we finally decide we want to move and take action.  To lay hold of our lives and actually LIVE.  Hence the toilet paper crisis.  All of the hoarders are finally deciding they want to live long enough to actually have a life.  And they want to keep wiping as well.  Who can really blame them?

But it’s OK.  Your message is received and noted. 

At least temporarily.  We humans tend to forget the lessons as things ease up.  That’s why threats are good, on some level.  They are just reminders, like cattle prodders on the prairie of life.

So while some fear looms large over this populace (the whole human race, it seems?) you and me both know what you are. 

You are a note from the Secretary of the Universe saying: “Don’t. Waste. Time.  Do the thing.  Love the people.  Laugh, Sing, Draw, Paint. DO.  And DO IT ALL.  And DO IT NOW.

But how do we do it now if we aren’t supposed to be doing anything at all?  

See it all now.  See the doing in your mind.  See it repeatedly.  Daily.  Hourly.

And then:

Plan it all now.  Act.  Prepare.  And be ready to pull it all together and launch at the first opportunity you create.  And you must create opportunity, do not wait for it to meander by, because it won’t.  Because this whole thing will blow over, no matter how many people are affected, and life will be waiting for you on the other side if you maintain both your health and your wits.

So maybe when the Angel of Death 2019/2020 Corona passes you by, you will be ready to grab life by the balls and go forth towards that yonder quest, wearing a crown of conquest- because Corona actually means crown.  And you will have allowed it to dub thee Knight (or Knightess) if the living.  I dunno.

It’s your choice.  It’s my choice.  

My choice is to take the memo to heart and keep chasing the dream.

I hope yours is, too.


Photo by Mike from Pexels


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