Keep Love


SO just the other day, my tough guy rough and tumble teenager, Hope, left me a note on my desk at work.  It said, “love you, Hope”.  Now I do not take this gesture lightly…

Hope is in middle school- typically a really easy time to feel lost as you try to figure out who you want to be along with what persona works with what you’ve got at the moment and the key issue is survival.  Because frankly, when you’ve been dropped into a mess of humans who still don’t even know how to be that human…it’s a jungle in there.  You have to find your particular way of surviving.

So she’s been a tough nut to not-crack (because we don’t crack our kids).

She’s been tough to a point that love isn’t something that she’s considered much with the exception of desperate, testosterone-fueled teen boys (or flat out little psychopaths) and the words they use to try to get something…anything from anyone they can fool for a few minutes.

And of course, there’s that thing where she calls grown-ass adults “boomer”

…because it’s supposed to be an ageist insult (but at least it beats being called a “boner”) and the fact that she thinks, as most young people do, that the parental generation is trying to oppress the robust and ripened youth with their useless wisdom.  So yeah, there’s that.  I know it’s only a matter of time before she grows out of that stage, so we will wait patiently.  But in the meantime…she loves me.

I love that.

And I’m not someone who really needs that much love.  I know everyone’s busy.  Hell, I’m busy, too.  But the fact that I am not in great need of an abundance of love doesn’t make her telling me she loves me any less significant.   I appreciate both the sticky note gesture as well as her appreciation for this non-boner boomer. (I think I’m too young to be a boomer, but who really cares.)

The point is- if someone tells you they love you, it’s a  big deal.

It’s a grand gesture on this dry and dying planet.  Because before you know it, the game will be over and the only thing we will have left are these little soul connections that just might be able to keep us afloat on the waters of eternity.

So fucking be nice to people.  And be nicer to the people who take the time and invest the energy to love your stupid ass (<- no offense).

That is all.


Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash

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