Lost Days do not Equal a Lost Life

Jever have one of those days (or maybe a few one of those days’) where you just felt lost.  Like you couldn’t even see your plans or goals, let alone see them panning out?  It’s like you’re on some shoddy raft, just stuck in the same place and you can’t seem to get anywhere.  Your little rafty water wheels are just spinning and you’re there splayed out and miserable on that stupid raft.

If you aren’t aware and don’t have a certain amount of grace for yourself, you might think that shitty day on that raft = a shitty life.  It’s easy to think that.  It’s easy to be hard on yourself and get all stressed out because you’re having one lost day.  Matter of fact, I was having one yesterday.  And maybe the day before that.  But I don’t do that to myself anymore.  I don’t sweat it.  I just allow it.

It’s a little scary to allow yourself to have a lost day, though.  Because one might turn into another and eventually, lostness might become a way of life.  But if- in the lostness, you also maintain a sort of mindfulness and anticipation, it’s far less likely that your lostness will last forever. And perhaps, the lostness has a purpose.  For some reason, I’m thinking of Ferris Bueller and his day off.  That was a sort of lost day, for sure, but also a very found day.  While he wasn’t being productive in school, he was certainly being productive in life.

So perhaps we should just capitalize on lost days and make them amazing in their own right because maybe those lost days are actually there for a purpose. Maybe the brain just needs some creative free time like a school day recess or a trip to some sort of mental amusement park.

Heck, maybe we should even have a “Lostness Appreciation Day” because right around the corner from lostness is Foundness, and Brilliance and Breakthroughs.  You know how I know this?  Because past performance predicts future behavior (and performance and results).  And I know this because 1) I’ve heard it before and 2) I just Googled it and 3) I’ve seen it happen in my own life.

So enjoy your lost days.  Think of them as mental snow days where you make cocoa and brownies and snowmen (ok way too much sugar there) and find a way to enjoy what was supposed to halt production and allow it to be the rest and recreation that it was probably cosmically meant to be.


Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

P.S.  For some reason these photos give me both anxiety and a sense of awe.  Check out the photos of Ferris wheels here:  https://unsplash.com/s/photos/ferris-wheel



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