Be the Beauty

Life has it’s a shortage of beauty sometimes, and a surplus of rage, trauma, and stupidity.  Watch the news (or don’t).  The world is an ugly place.

Or is it?  Is it really?

Is the world an ugly place because that’s the world that we accept?  The world we allow?  It’s easy to be crushed by crisis and turmoil, but if we don’t rise up and change our own minds, how will anything else ever change.

So Be the Beauty. 

I know you know people who are currently being the beauty.  Your mother.  Your grandmother.  Your uncle.  Your dad.  Your favorite writers, teachers, friends.  There are tons of people who are being the beauty right now, making the world a better place with their lives.  They are not only showing you the way, but they are also giving you permission to be a beautiful you.

But how do we Be the Beauty?  

Well, partly by sitting in the presence of their beauty.  By basking in it.  By absorbing it like flowers absorb the sun’s rays.  Consistently.  And by sitting with any kind of beauty and letting it penetrate and permeate our bodies by osmosis.  By being still and letting it grow in us and move in us until it finds itself firmly rooted in our souls.

But you have to make sitting in beauty a practice.  You have to do it daily.  In order to change your default, you have to change your program.  This just means doing things you haven’t done to create a change you haven’t experienced yet.  It all has to do with the neuropathways in your brain and how often you blaze a certain trail in your brain.  The more you travel on one road, the more firmly entrenched that trail becomes.

If all those pathways in your brain lead to a good place, they will also lead your life to a good place.

We don’t have time for negativity.  It’s all a matter of making the choice.  And sometimes it’s a difficult choice because our wiring dates back to our conception.  We need to open our minds to conceiving something new.  It’s possible.

Anything is possible.


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