In This Moment, Choose Peace

We all know we only have right now.

And right now. 

And right now.

That’s all we got.  In being tempted to be sad about some old thing, I realized that I had to make the decision to let it go.  To be in this moment, and in this moment, to be in peace.

See, I can think about such and so.  I can let a rant run in my head and get all angsty and pissed off.

Or I can not

All of my ranting and raging will not change a thing.  It will just cause me to be a channel for misery, either to absorb it or to deliver it to the world.  So I’m not gonna do it.  I’m gonna let the world turn, churn or burn and I’m gonna sit. with. it.

Oh, I’ve got options.  I can decide which way this ship will go.  But I must ask myself: “Which is the better direction for me?  Which is the more productive way for me?”

Sure, anger is an addictive outlet, and it’s one helluva way to release stress if you throw a hissy and throw shit around, but you never really feel that much better after being angry.  And then, in addition to your anger, you get the added shame for acting like an idiot if you threw a tantrum.

So the better way…the easier way…is to bypass the darker feels and opt for light.  Opt for stillness. Opt for release.  Accept what is and allow your resistance to dissipate like Mr. Bubble in your childhood bathtub.  Don’t require the immediate ceasing, just stop feeding it all of your resources.  Starve it.

Allow the pathways in your brain the opportunity to do something different. 

Sometimes it takes a while to get there.  Sometimes it takes the quiet repetition of a million mantras to get you where you need to be, and that’s ok.  Peace is a place and it can take a little while for the map to become clear.  And oddly (beautifully), the map is in your mind, and you are the cartographer.  You make the map.

Peace is calling, and like a muse, when she calls I must go.


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