Self Care Is Lame

Scratch that.  The term “self-care” is lame.

I’m sorry, I hate that term.  I don’t know why it seems stupid to me.  There has to be a better term for self-care.  Something like “earth suit and soul maintenance”.

But anyway…I was preparing to warm up my voice for singing which is always LAME (self-care), and because I heard Nancy Wilson (badass singer for the old-timey band “Heart”) say something along the lines of “I don’t do warmup exercises, I warm up by singing to other artists music” because she found the scales and such to be LAME.  So I thought, “I should do that“… but then I remembered that I ain’t no Nancy Wilson. So:

DO RE MI marther farker.  I did the exercises.


This helped me to recall that we need to treat our instrument with care.  Our bodies are our only real mode of transportation, communication, and interaction on planet earth.  It’s the instrument of our soul, and it has the very important task of carrying us through this life.


Not so long ago, I had a client who was losing her voice and had to go to a voice therapist to keep from doing permanent damage to her vocal cords.  Through the process of learning how to heal her voice, she became a singer and went on to perform as a vocalist in a band.  Now, singing as an oldster is pretty LAME but also pretty badass (I mean, what else is there that one should be doing?)  And it was really cool because not only did she re-find her voice, she found a new voice IN the old voice.

If she hadn’t tended to that whole situation, she might have lost both the known and unknown voice that was waiting for her just past the valley of lost voices.

How much more so you?  What part of you is waiting for you if you learn to take care of yourself?

If we aren’t careful and we don’t tend to the instrument and treat it with care, we will break it.  If we break it, we lose our mode of transportation, communication, and interaction  If we don’t take care of it, good health goes away like a chastised puppy.  So the question is:

What kind of journey do you want?

What kind of journey do you want here on planet earth?  Do you want a stunted journey because you didn’t do the smart thing?  And granted, sometimes the smart thing is the hard thing, but that’s only because that’s the way you think about it.  So any time someone says “it’s too hard” or “I can’t do it”, it’s true.  You can’t do a thing if you say you can’t.  You are the expert in you, so you should know.  And the more you say you can’t (about ANYTHING) the more you reinforce that belief.

In order to learn to properly care for your self, you have to find a way, and in order to find a way, you have to search for a way, meaning- the right way for you. 

In order to learn how to implement self-care, we have to figure what is stopping us. We have to figure out what the voices in our head are saying that keeps us from treating ourselves the way we might treat something or someone that we care about.  Treat yourself the way you would treat your favorite person (in a balanced way, not some crazy indulgent psycho way).  The proper care and feeding of any being is important when it comes to general health and welfare, and if you aren’t doing this for yourself, figure out why.  If you are consistently at the bottom of your to-do list, figure out why.  And then figure out what it will take to change that.

I’m here to tell you that you are just as important as anyone else on your list.  And trust me, there are ways of overcoming your current self.  It’s important that you begin to consider opening yourself up to those things- to the way that is your path.  And I say “begin to consider” because beginning to consider is benign.  It won’t scare you away from change.  It can be a tricky little road, only in that it’s meant to be a challenge, because what is life, my friends, without challenge?  Frickin’ LAME.


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